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A personal trainer's website using WordPress. The design was User Experience (UX) lead with a large focus on providing credentials for a very well established and highly experienced personal trainer, but also focusses heavily in the back end to ensure that it is simple to post content trhoughout the wesbite. This has all be done through catagories. Therefore the client can create a post the same way for any section of the website, whether it's a press peice, blog insert or a new recipe, as long sa she choses the correct catagory, it will publish in the correct area of the website.

The home page includes a complex 3 slide animation, which introduces the client, her services, a call to action with contact details, and provides credentials via an expanding list of magazine titles that she publishes in. Also on the homepage are latest blog entries, Mailchimp link, latest recipes, archives, and social shares.

The font and colours were created to reflect the nature of the trainer. There is a timetable with a login for booking and paying for training sessions. The press page is timeline where the latest press release inserts itself at the top.

There is a tools area which includes a BMI and BMR calculator as well as some health related downloadable pdf files.









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